The 5 Rules of Affiliate and Online Marketing

There are rules to everything in life and in order to succeed and thrive. In order to succeed you have to identify the rules and then follow the rules. Too many people decide that they want to make money online, however many of those people fail in this business. Remember, this is a marathon, not a race; everything takes time and patience. There are certain rules for succeeding in online marketing. There are five rules for choosing the best business to invest your time, money, and effort.

Rule number one: The product should be clearly understandable. Too many times people get blinded by how much money they have the potential of making instead of worrying about understanding what the product is actually about. Online businesses should clearly outline exactly how you are going to make money, step by step. It should tell you what the product is and how you can promote it. No product or business should leave you on your own to figure out exactly how you can make money.

Rule number two: The product should have value. If the product is worthless, then why are you promoting it? The product should be something that you see as valuable to you as well as others. It should add something to your life and therefore making it valuable. Before deciding to promote this product or business, ask yourself whether or not this is a product that you would use. Does this work from home business or online business that you are thinking about joining solve an actual problem? Value to me is based on whether or not a business or product actually improves your quality of life, meaning that it should fix a problem that plagues you.

Rule number three: You should know who they creator is and the creator should be interested in helping his or her customers. The creator of this business should not be a mysterious person that you only see on full moons. You should be able to do a background check on a creator of a particular product or business. Some creators are not honest and do not have a strong moral code in this business. Many people have no problem with taking your money and running off with it. An honest creator should want to help others and try to make everybody successful.

Rule number four: Long term vs. Short term goals. Is the business that you’re interested in something that is just for right now? Is this business just to help earn extra money to help out with a bill? Is this business a long term investment? Will it be around for years, or just months? These are questions that you have to ask when you are thinking about joining a business. Some online businesses are long term investments and some are short term investments.

Rule number five: Can the business be promoted and sold? This is probably the most important question that you can ask when thinking about investing your time, money, and effort. Some online businesses and products are actually great products but are not something that is in demand and as a result you will not earn any revenue from that particular business. Sometimes you might be able to sell one product but not the other, these are situations that pop up and, it needs to be addressed at one point or another. All affiliate marketers or people who want to start an online business should ask themselves whether or not they can actually sell the product.

These five questions are just questions that I had to ask myself after I invested in an online business and months later did not earn a dime from it. I was frustrated and wanted to know what I was doing wrong. I searched all over YouTube and Google and found some answers to my questions. However, I found that the best answers were more questions. I am sharing these questions that I believe all people should ask before they invest in an online business, work from home job, or any affiliate marketing business. I want to thank everybody who took the time to read this article and I hope you check out my blog for more information on how to make money online for free. Thank You.

Straight Scoop About Real Estate Investing

With so much hype and exaggeration about the wonders of real estate investing, it can be difficult for you to know what is real – and what is fantasy.

In fact, it can be downright disheartening when the reality doesn’t live up to the hype leaving you frustrated and stressed out.

I know, because I’ve been there. So I’m going to set the record straight and give you the real scoop about our business.

It is not as easy as they would have you believe.

If you buy into the do no work, sit by the beach, push 2 buttons on your laptop and watch the dollars pour into your bank account hype, then you are going to be sorely disappointed.

You must know in your heart of hearts that can not and does not exist.

What Is True is that with some decent knowledge; some steady action; and a relatively small investment in your business, you can generate a steady stream of large cash transactions.

The first six months are probably the most frustrating and therefore have the highest risk of drop-out. But if you are willing to keep taking strategic action, and do the things that are needed, you can do your first of many deals and make thousands.

In the following months, just replicate and refine and soon you’ll be doing one or more deals every month earning in the tens of thousands a month. With just a little effort in the right manner, you should easily be able to earn $100,000 or more a year working part time hours.

How many business opportunities do you know of where you can invest just a small amount of time and money and generate such large returns? Most businesses fail in the first year (true of real estate investing as well since most quit before they ever get off the ground).

Of the general businesses that survive, they are lucking to break even in 3-5 years and then start making a profit. With real estate investing, you’ll break even in your first 1-2 deals; and then enjoy almost pure profits.

Why? Because the costs are so low compared to the high dollar transactions. Overhead and fixed costs are almost non-existent. The only real cost you have is marketing which one it is established, will run 10-12% of your revenue. Everything else is your salary and dividends.

Sure, as you grow larger, you may want to bring on some assistance, but then your revenues will be much greater so the additional costs are easily absorbed.

Bottom line… don’t get sucked into the myth of: do nothing & become rich. This is a business and you should treat it as such. Get educated and learn the business and how it works from someone reputable. Then lay out a plan and follow-through and stay focused. Do not chase the next shiny object you see. Do your research. Pick a course of action, and make it work. Then you can add something new to your business.

Commit to your success!

The rewards are phenomenal; so give it the effort it deserves. If you’re working a job, you’re already giving the effort… to someone else! Do this for you!

In the beginning you’ll be confused; you’ll be frustrated; you’ll face challenges and obstacles. None of this should be seen as failure. It is the natural course of events. Find someone who can guide and mentor you; and stay the course. Be willing to face the challenges head on.

I promise you that within a few short months of steadily working your business, you will not just see incredible results, you’ll realize ho easy it has become for you.

Expect abundance,

Lou Castillo

How to Increase Productivity and Profits in Small Business

Using Technology to Boost Business

With the great technology boom of recent years, it is not surprising that small businesses are using more and more technology to help improve their efficiency and overall productivity. Making improvements in these two areas can have a profound, positive effect on a business’s profit margin. New technology, updated programs and improved equipment that can help small businesses reach these goals are more affordable than ever, which is the top reason why all businesses should be utilizing these systems to pave the way for future successes.

Cloud Computing Allows Business to Happen Anywhere

One of the newest trends in business technology is cloud computing, which is an Internet based information storage service that can be accessed from almost anywhere. Utilizing this type of technology allows business owners and their associates to use and share documents and programs from wherever they may be – working from home, traveling for a meeting, or while visiting a client. This kind of access allows businesses to be productive at all times and in all locations (since they can access the information from anywhere as long as they are connected to the Internet).

Consider Cyber-Conferencing for Meetings on the Go

For many small businesses, getting everyone together in one room for a meeting or conference can be difficult. Planning traditional meetings like this take a lot of effort to make sure the time and location fits into everyone’s busy schedules. An easy way to get around these problems is by investing in an Internet based meeting service. These meeting programs allow businesses to video conference over the Internet with one another without having to be in the same room. Not only will this be more time effective, it will also cut down on the costs associated with travel to and from the office for these kinds of meetings.

Investing in Associate Training is Important

Budgets for small businesses are tight so when it comes to cutting costs, it is important to look at what is truly needed. Many organizations offer associates training, but when budgets need to be cut, training is sadly the first thing to go. Training is vitally important to ensure associates are up to speed on the newest technologies, procedures and regulations within the business’s given industry. Additionally, investing time into associates make them feel like an important part of the team and helps to boost morale overall – high morale among associates can mean high productivity for a business owner.

Embracing Changes in Technology Allows for Growth

Many people live by the saying, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!” While this may be true for some things, embracing technology for is not one of them. Although the procedures and systems that are being used now may work just fine, it is worth the time to research and invest in new ways to be efficient and productive in the business’s day to day activities and technology is the perfect way to accomplish that goal. An investment like this may have some cost associated with it upfront, but when compared to the return on investment a business owner will see over time, it pays for itself over and over again.